Core Cloak gives you anonymous internet access

Welcome to our anonymous web software deployment, one of the best ways to stay unblocked and maintain a fast internet connection. We run dedicated proxy servers for a living and aim to toughen our privacy services to the highest quality. All the server resources are focused on delivering the content you want reliably on demand. Start privately accessing all your favourite social networks, forums, news and sport while on the move. Your IP address is effectively masked because our proxy server will retrieve the pages for you.

There are many reasons to run privacy software like ours and online surveillance is only ever going up. Our proxy server will reduce the amount of history and exposure to many forms of web tracking. It should be used alongside top rated antivirus and firewall programs installed on your PC. You will also be happy to know we run a standalone hardware firewall to limit outside interference. So now you know what we do, it's time to start your anonymous browsing session.

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You can surf in total freedom thanks to a mix of powerful hardware, optimized server settings and the most functional web proxy around. The server CPU and RAM are finely balanced to provide the best experience for every visitor. Most popular websites will function like normal, you may notice page alterations caused by CSS or HTML bugs. Certain social networks require using the mobile browsing version as the complete site is incompatible with our encryption software.